Our Story

Once upon a time…we started as pioneers in canyoning. Today we offer all round guiding services with heart for adventurers and mountains.

Who dived into canyons thirty years ago, must have been a bit crazy. Remote areas, non specific equipement borrowed from climbers and cavers, no regulation…canyoning was not without a risk. So when we invited the first brave Belgians to explore the canyons with us, the name for our guiding agency was easy chosen: Poco Loco Adventures (‘a bit crazy adventures’). Now, many years later, we are THE reference point if it is about canyoning in the Spanish Pyrenees and far beyond. We have left the foolish years behind. Canyoning has grown up: nowadays it has its own equipement, educations and regulation. You surely do not have to be foolish anymore to practise the canyon sports (but a little bit of craziness is very welcome)!

In the course of the years many things have changed. Our name, for example. Poco Loco Adventures lives on in Belgium as a specialised tour operator for adventurous trips in Europe. In Spain we continue our local activities in our agency named Aventura Entremontes (‘Adventure in between the mountains’). Also we do have much more to offer: because of our broad knowledge of the area we know perfectly what more is there to discover in this impressively beautiful region. Caving, rock climbing, via ferrata, mountainbiking, puenting…with pleasure we offer you enough inspiration to experience the area in all manners.

This is our coup de foudre. Our hobby became a rewarding job that we still do with great pleasure. In our industry we are -luckely- not the biggest company, and who knows us, knows that we rather explore the canyons than deal with administrations; the love for our profession is huge. All of our guides are passionate mountaineers that feel honoured to share their passion with enthousiastic adventurers. We would love to see you beneath one or another waterfall!

Our Qualities

Safety and quality above all

All mountaineering activities include a certain amount of risk, but with the necessary framework you can be sure of a safe excursion. We will take care of certified guides and equipment, to ensure that you can focus entirely on the activity without any worries.

Flexible adventures designed for you

We adapt on your needs and wishes. Like the level of the activities, place and hour can be changed. You can combine activities however you like, with or without accommodation, to create your own trip of your dreams.

Small scale for big experiences

We keep our groups small. This way things go smoother, it is easier to respond to (temporarily) circumstances, and we are able to connect with you on a more personal level. And at least so important: we are able to reduce our ecological footprint to a minimum.

Accessibility: adventure for everyone

An adventurous mind does not have limits, and therefore, our activities are open for everyone. Also for adventurers with whatever disability. Together we will check the possibilities and if necessary we will take care of adjusted equipment, logistics, extra guiding and support by experienced physiotherapists, psychologists, pedagogues…

Multilingual guides

Well…our Chinese is not the best, neither is our Russian. But we do work with guides that speak Dutch, French, English and/or Spanish. We will take care for the right match, to ensure you a clear communication during your activities. Would be nice, if you do not have to ask yourself whatever the guide is yelling to you from the otherside of the waterfall…

Adventure for Everyone

With Entremontes we like to support projects that make adventure accessible to a less obvious audience.

Over the years we have discovered that mountains and adventure activities are not so accessible to everyone. In 2005 we therefore started challenging projects for the first time: taking people into the mountains for whom it is not so obvious at all.

We like to support the philosophy that sport and adventure are for everyone.

Our Specialties …

Canyoning. For all ages and all levels

We are located in the area of the Monte Perdido, the biggest limestone cliff you will find in Europe and therefore a true mecca for canyoning. Here you will find many beautiful canyons and thanks to many years of experience we will be able to choose the one that fits you best.

Mountainbiking. For the experienced bikers.

You asked yourself what the ‘mountain’ in mountainbike means? Come and find out while you are discovering the Pyrenees. We will take care of a GPS device or map with challenging routes, tecnical support and transport. The pedalling is up to you!

In to the Mountains with the little ones

In our offer you will find lots of activities for childeren. Fascinating hikes, educational workshops and adventurous activities make their stay in the region unforgettable.


The quality of air here is ideal for the observation of impressive night skies with the Milky Way galaxy, planets, the moon and thousands of stars. And a spectacular night awaits us in August, when the shooting stars will rain down.


We praise ourselves lucky with presence of the Bearded Vulture, Griffon Vulture, Red Kite and many other predatory birds. We know their habits and take you to the places where you have the biggest chance to spot them. But also lots of small birds like Bee-eaters, Goldfinches, Alpine Sparrows…make your excursion more than worth it.

… and so much more

Wanna join ?

Entremontes is always looking for reinforcement of the team.

Are you sportive, easy going and do you have a heart for the mountains? Do you have the necessary certificates or are you willing – with our help – to invest in your education? Then you might be the missing link in our guide team. Give us a call and who knows, will you be the one that gives our customers an unforgettable experience.