Aventura Entremontes was founded in Sobrarbe in 1996 with the aim of setting up a company in the Adventure Tourism sector in Aragon that simultaneously contributes to the sustainable development of Sobrarbe. We are a consolidated Aragonese company, focused on the satisfaction of our customers. Our secret? Knowledge of the environment, on-site activity, vision of growth, diversification and daily innovation of the company, surrounded by the best professionals in each area and sector within the company itself. We strive for sustainability by acting responsibly and ethically. Our efforts are based on three pillars: environment, social level and professionalism.

Our social commitment

At Aventura Entremontes we are committed to the sustainable development of the area and contribute year after year to creating new jobs. Through our packages, we also ensure that the Sobrarbe tourism sector (hotels, apartments, holiday homes, hostels, restaurants, etc.) receive more customers year after year and thus guarantee their continuity. Our year-round offer, with an emphasis on nature tourism, helps the area to spread the tourism offer over a whole year.

On the other hand, our corporate guidelines are aimed at promoting a positive social impact and promoting income distribution in the territory by creating networks of proximity cooperation that promote local consumption.

The commitment of Aventura Entremontes to its employees is shaped by the continuous improvement of working conditions, the optimization of the combination of work and family, participation in company decisions, continuous training ...

Our environmental commitment

We all have a duty to protect the environment. The Aventura Entremontes company has been developed based on a deep respect for the nature that surrounds us and this is transferred to all our customers every day.

Our environmental objective is primarily aimed at minimizing the impact of our activities on the ecosystem and preserving the environment. This commitment also leads us to raise awareness about the vulnerability of our mountain ecosystem. We generate concrete actions to preserve the area:

  • we don't leave waste, never
  • we avoid soil erosion
  • we spend the night in designated areas
  • we don't disturb the fauna
  • we avoid noise nuisance
  • we do not collect native flora and fauna.

n the field of energy, we encourage energy saving and the use of green energy. Regarding waste, we prefer reuse and recycling of products. We use a biodegradable and safe product to clean and disinfect our equipment.

Our professional commitment

Aventura Entremontes strives for a high satisfaction of its participants by generating experiences that exceed the initial expectations, so that they improve their quality of life thanks to the health, social and environmental benefits inherent in activities and sports in nature.

This goal is achieved by seeking excellence in service in the material, in logistics, having a great human team and meeting the applicable legal requirements. The principle of continuous training is the basis of our continuous improvement process that allows an unstoppable evolution to permanently improve all our processes for organizing sports services. We also apply the following principles to improve these processes:

  • Internal and external communication: we communicate everything in a sincere, simple, accurate, timely and personal way.
  • Creativity and innovation: we anticipate the needs and wishes of our customers and colleagues to create new and profitable forms of satisfaction.
  • Compliance: We deliver what we are committed to, with an eye for detail, and exceed expectations.
  • Integrity: We believe that in addition to the commercial aspect, a good company should above all have a positive influence.

We always select approved equipment only from brands that we consider reliable.

Aventura Entremontes is authorized by the competent authority with registration number TA-HU-077, in accordance with the regulations required in this regard (safety, qualifications, approved equipment).