From pioneers in canyoning to allround guiding company with a heart for adventurers and mountains …

30 years ago, canyoneers where considered crazy people. Untouched nature, inappropriate equipment borrowed from climbers and cavers, lack of regulation ... doing canyoning was not without risks back then. Therefor, it didn't take long to pick a name for our guiding company when we started to organize canyoning trips for the first brave adventurers: Poco Loco Adventures (‘crazy adventures’). Many years later, we've become the reference for canyoning in the Spanish Pyrenees and far beyond and we've left the crazy times behind. Canyoning has evolved into a full-fledged sport with its own equipment, training and regulations and it's no longer necessary to be crazy to dive into the canyons (although a bit of craziness doesn't harm).

O ver the years, many things have changed amongst which our name. Since 2015, we continue to work under the name of Aventura Entremontes ("adventures hidden in the mountains"). We've also expanded our services: through unique field knowledge, we know best what this wonderful region has to offer. Caving, climbing, via ferrata, mountain biking, birding, ... we are very pleased to offer you enough inspiration to discover every aspect of the region.

O ur drive hans't changed through all these years. We turned our hobby into a career and every day we show up at work with a big smile. We are not the largest company in our sector - luckily - and those who know us, will agree that we'd rather dive into a canyon than into our paper work, but the love for our business is enormous. Each one of our guides is a passionate adventurer who loves to share his passion with you. Hope to see you soon, underneath a waterfall!

Since 1996



Canyoning. For all ages and levels.

W e are located in the Monte Perdido region, the highest limestone massif in Europe and therefor the place to be for canyoning. Many years of experience in this sport makes us great guides and advisers.

Mountainbike for trained bikers.

D o you sometimes wonder what the mountain in mountainbike really means? Then it's time to get to know the Pyrenees. We provide you with gps tracks or maps, road assistance and shuttles. Pedaling is up to you!

Birding. Observing wild birds.

W ho doesn't dream of seeing the bearded vulture, the griffon vulture, the red kite or the snake-eagle? We know their habits and take you to places where the odds of seeing them fly by are real.


W e are located in the very heart of Sobrarbe region, in the medieval village of Ainsa. This small town was elected one of the most beautiful villages in Spain and is the perfect gateway to the Pyrenees. Nearby, you will find:

-The National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido, Unesco world heritage

-The Natural Park Sierra de Guara, home to many birds of prey

-The Natural Park Posets-Maladeta, where the ice age shaped the landscape

D id you know that nowhere in the world you’ll have a better chance of spotting the bearded vulture than in this region? And that you can see so many stars on clear nights that you imagine yourself in the middle of the milky way? And that you can find a lot of fossils from an old sea, just like that, beneath your feet? And that some of the plants that grow here don’t do so in no other place on earth?

S o much natural beauty, seasoned with a strong dose of traditions and culture. We can not imagine ourselves a better place to fully enjoy sports and nature.


Safety above all

Mountain sports are fun, intense, pure and breathtaking. Yet there is always a certain risk involved. We reduce this to a minimum thanks to thorough training, elaborate field knowledge, qualitative equipment and a well-balanced relationship between scheduling and flexibility.

Sustainable and ethical management

Sustainability and ethics matter to us. That is why we commit ourselves to make challenging choices in the way we run our business. You can learn more about it on this page.

Small groups, great experiences

We intentionally limit the number of participants in our activities. Not only for safety reasons, it also ensures a more intense experience and a more personal contact. And in addition, we minimize the impact on our environment.


An adventurous mind knows no boundaries, that is why our activities are open to everyone. Also for adventurers with limitations of any kind. Because we are all made for adventure.
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